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UV Light Bulb/ Blacklight
UV Light Bulb/ Blacklight
UV Light Bulb/ Blacklight

UV Light Bulb/ Blacklight

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This Fluorescent UV Light / Blacklight Bulb makes the perfect replacement bulb for a 100 watt bulb. It uses only 25 watts and has an 1,000 hour bulb life, with 25 watt being one of the strongest blacklights you can get.

This blacklight bulb will liven up your celebrations, Halloween parties, dances and get-togethers for years. The blacklight completely changes the atmosphere of any happy gathering or occasion by "making" objects glow such as anything white and UV reactive materials. Our range of UV/ Fluro Paints are perfect for combination with these bulbs to make them glow in the dark brightly!

Standard E27 medium base socket and B22 socket fittings available.
Bulb range is about a 2-3m radius.
240 Volt 

How to Use:
Switch off the light to be replaced.
Remove the bulb and replace with the blacklight using the same fitting.
Switch on and watch it bring the glow!

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