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Karla from Auckland

We had to have Halloween in lockdown and this just made it so fun! Fast delivery and the masks we got were great quality. Would definitely recommend it, thanks so much!  Donna from Whanganui

Thank you sooo much for the super fast delivery. It arrived this morning after only placing it Thursday afternoon. Fantastic service.

Pru from Hamilton

I had a whole bunch of kids over last night for an after-dark Easter
treasure hunt.  I used the finger lights inside plastic eggs, which made
them glow in the dark, and hid them around my property for the kids to hunt
out.  They were a hit!  Then of course the kids loved the thunder sticks and
played for hours in the dark.  Thank you Easter Bunny.  

Jay from Te Awamutu
Thank you so much for the very prompt delivery. Our boat looked amazing and we won the best lit up boat for the evening. Thanks once again and we will need you again next year.

Kelly from Tauranga
Order received - THANK YOU! - prompt service and fantastic samples -
thanking you. I will be in touch for more soon - next event in July
Thanks again

Glenn from Auckland
Good morning,i hope the day is going well.
Would just like to say thanks for the great service.
I only placed & paid for my 1st order last friday;& have already recd the carton today. (Tuesday)
Thats what i call great service.
Once i sell these items & bank a very nice profit for my fundraising;i will be placing another order.

Rachel from Wellington
The reason I bought these Glowsticks in the first place was because I wanted my sons ages 5, 9 and 12 to have FUN and something for them to be occupied with in the evenings. However, not only did my sons have fun with them but also their cousins, aunties, uncles and grandmothers did too - ages ranging from 4 years old to 65!!! Everyone were fascinated with the different shapes and models you can create with the Glowsticks and the beautiful colours that glow for a very long time. On Guy Fawkes day the little ones wanted Glowsticks, not fireworks which was great and saved me money!!! We also sent some Glowsticks to our family in the islands for the kids there to also share the FUN we were having here in NZ :-)

Tracey from Nelson
I have been involved in organising the disco for our junior and senior students at Tahunanui Primary School for the last 7 years. The glowsticks are by far the most popular thing with the children - they even buy them to take home for their younger siblings. They look awesome and such good value for money. Last but by no means least the service from Vincent was awesome. Thanks heaps.

Rachal from Hamilton
Some years it seems like my class are forever fundraising, so we can go on trips/camp. I didn't think my Year 7 & 8 students would be interested in Glowsticks, but how wrong I was. They are selling like hot cakes, we are now in the process of selling them to the rest of the school, not just in our class. We are also going to order some more and use them at our school DISCO. I found the company very reliable, quick to reply to any questions I have had and quick with the delivery. Well done guys, keep up the good work.

Kendyl from Dunedin
I am a Year 12 student at Bayfield High and my school formal is coming up. I recently went to a different formal and at the after party I wore lots of glow sticks! They were so popular and everyone wanted one, so I only ended up with two left at the end! I can't wait for Bayfields formal to arrive, as I'm going to get out the glow sticks again! Maybe I should take twice as many for everyone else too! I love these glow sticks, they just 'make' the night!!

Kay from Wellington
Glowsticks Ltd is a great company to work with. Vincent was most helpful in finding the right product for our school disco. The kids were delighted with their glo-braclets and had such a great time. We will certainly be using Glowsticks Ltd for next year's disco.

Matt from Wellington
I brought two lots of these glow sticks and my son and his friends have had hours of fun highly recommend this product great value for money, will definitely buy again.

Kim from Dannevirke
I recently had my 40th birthday party and gave my guests a glow stick each. There were only about 6 kids there (kids love them anyway) but the adults had a ball with them, my uncle made earrings and wore them all night!! i would buy more for any party young or old .totally awesome fun.

Carolyn from Gisbourne
We have been using this company for 2 years and they are brillant, really quick prompt service. Our purchase them for our school discos they quality is great and we have been able to raise good funds for different items within our school. Cheers Vince thanks for a great product.

Vicki from Omokoroa
Wow! Our class ordered 3 packs of glowsticks for our disco and received them by courier the very next day!!! We use Glowsticks LTD for our disco glowsticks each term. They're always our big selling item especially in the winter terms.

Kim from Te Awamutu
They were apsoultly awesome! we used them at a school social and they sold out in about 20mins the kids loved them :)

Sarah from Glenavy, South Canterbury
Well we had the disco and Friday night and it went off!!
The kids were so excited by the glowsticks/ braclets and it was great to see them have something different and exciting on the night. I wondered about it started at 6pm wether it would be to light with daylight savings as well but they shone and shone all night (in fact our kids ones were still going on Sunday night). I wasn't so sure about the braclets for a start as they took a wee while to shine up but once they warmed up they were great. Kids enjoyed being able to pick 2 braclets or 1 glowstick.

Anna from Dunedin
I am a student from Otago Uni. This January I went to Phat08 (music festival up the West Coast) and took about 1000 with me. Not only did me and my mates light up the D floor, but every night other Phat goers commented and would offer me money for my necklaces and bangles. Needless to say I made a few friends (and quadrippled the money I spent on the glowsticks)!! Will definately grab some more for next time

Jenna From Hamilton
I originally received these glowsticks as a christmas present along with a ticket to a festival. I had sooo much fun with them, that i never go to any festivals/gigs without ordering some of these to take with me! Not only do they look awesome, but they're very practical too! They last AAAGES so i put them around bag straps, jandles and tents etc. so we can find everything in the dark - very handy for finding each other also! Even though I get a pack of 100, i very rarely have any left as everyone loves em & grabs em off me throughout the night. They're alot of fun, no matter how old you are! And any I do have left over I give to my partners' young daughter - who has a wicked time with them also.
Definately recommend!

Jo from Reefton
The product was awsome and a really great fundrasier for our market , We sold them on at a big night market in our town very very popular with the kids- helping set a fantastic atmosphere on the night with very little output and preparation thanks.

Judi from the Manawatu
Hi – we brought the glow sticks for use at our daughters 21st party she had a fluro glow theme, the glows sticks set the scene & were very popular with everyone on the evening, there are 1001 uses for them, they were worn in many ways & placed in every drink available, the glow sticks started the evening with smiles & laughter and made it one of the best 21st party’s held in the Manawatu, within our group. We were very pleased with the product & will purchase again many thanks Judi

Sharon from Hawera
We used Glowsticks Limited as part of a major fundraiser for the Hub (our local sport and leisure centre we are building ) in Hawera. We held a fireworks night and the children (and some adults) loved them so much we ended up running out of the 800 or so that we ordered. We will definitely be using them again!

Kalena from Tauranga
What an awesome product and a great way to raise funds. Service was excellent. I ordered these via the website late in the afternoon and they arrived the following morning by courier. We had our kindy disco last night and they were a real hit with all the children and we made lots of money too which was great! We will definately use these again at our next fundraising night. Thanks so much.

Toni from Wellington
I got 200 glow sticks for a party I had, they looked amazing, we placed them all around the room in bunches, and put them in glass vases. The colours were bright and lasted until the end of the party. We also made the bracelets into long chains and hung them around the place, on windows, on walls and in doorways, they also looked fantastic, they really added something to our party. Everyone commented on the brightness of the colours and how long they lasted. I found these glow sticks to be great value for money and very effective. I will definitely use them again!

Natasha from Wellington
Like most university students I love to party- and a party is always made better by glow sticks. Mystic-man has supplied many of my parties with glow sticks over the past few years, they are the perfect size, come with connectors and me and my friends love to make crazy things out of them after a few to many drinks. The sticks last all night and some last even through the next day... everyone loves them, and i have the greatest parties because of them!!!

Lance from Hokitikia
We have been buying glowsticks off Glowsticks Ltd for many years now and would never think of getting them anywhere else ..
His service is of the higest standard , His prices are affordable to all and his product is top quality .We use our glow sticks every year for the Wild Foods in Hokitika they are a big hit and we always run out and have customers wanting more they are easy to use weather you put them around your wrist or as some of our customers do they join a few together and put them around there kneck and in there shoes as laces we sell them to all ages and they last so long Glowsticks Ltd is the place to go for all your glowstick needs .

Anna from Wellington
I used these glowsticks for my 21st birthday party and every guest loved them! Everyone had at least 3 on them from the youngest children at 10yrs old to my 92 year old grandma!
The glowsticks lasted throughout the night and glowed into the morning hours in the clubs in town.
This product was great and was still glowing for a few days after! Definatly well worth buying them and will look to buy more in the future. Thanks Glowsticks Ltd!

Christina from Lower Hutt
We have just recently purchased 200 glow sticks for my daughters “glow in the dark” teenage birthday party and all the family had fun making all sorts of creations with the glow sticks using the connectors. We stuck them to walls, doors, ceilings and even made table decorations. We went to Laser Force at the beginning of the party while it was still daylight and then continued the party at the house after dark when the glow sticks were glowing at their best. When we all walked in the house (with the lights off) after Laser Force, everyone was saying how awesome it looked. We played a game called skeleton tag in the dark, (by the light of the glow sticks) and it was great fun. The party went off with a real bang and I am sure many of her friends will want to do a similar thing when they are next thinking about arranging a birthday party. Thanks again, we had lots of fun and it was an awesome and unique way to enjoy a birthday. My daughter also said that she thought it was her best party ever.

Reuben from Waimate
I organize a lot of concerts and gig in the south canterbury area and I have always paid for crowd lighting. Well with glowsticks I no longer meed it. I brought 300 of the assorted thin glowsticks for the last gig I did and it was awesome. The concert went from 1pm till about 11pm and the glowsticks were going hard the whole time. They all sold out in record time with the young girls going crazy over them. It create such an amazing atmosphere and it's also an added bonus for the band/bands playing.... to see 250+ arms up in the air covered with glowsticks waving from side to side just adds to the hype of the band. Defiantly a must for any evening event.

Liz from Hamilton
Have just had our school winter disco. It was nice and dark so the glowsticks looked fantastic as the kids moved around. We have bought glowsticks for the last 2 years from another supplier but the ones from Glowsticks Ltd are much better quality - the connectors fit much better and we only had one glowstick split and leak out of the 1000 we sold at the disco. The ordering process was very straightforward and they corrected the order for me after it was placed as I had put in too many of one colour by mistake! We paid by sending in a cheque and the glowsticks arrived promptly and well packaged. Excellent service and a great product - will be buying from Glowsticks Ltd for our next disco.

Andy from Rotorua
As an avid cyclist I have found that these glow sticks make the bike into a traveling light show. I attach them all over the bike and myself to make a fun lighting effect. They last a long time and allow for a real eye-catching display. I use them every time I have a race in the dark and they work great!

Allison from Hamilton
I am on the Parent Teacher Group and help to organise discos for the kids at Silverdale Normal School in Hamilton. We bought 1000 bracelet glowsticks last year and have used them at two discos so far. The kids absolutely love them so they are easy to sell at $1 each. They are such good value for us to buy that at our Christmas Disco we gave each child a glowstick free on entry so even kids that couldn’t buy them could enjoy a glowstick.

Rachel from Bell Block, New Plymouth
We run a social event for intermediate aged kids once a term at our church. At our last one we gave each of the 50 kids 2 glowstick braclets and then walked to the supermarket to purchase items for a dessert making competition. We could keep an eye on where our kids were as well as have fun! The kids loved it! We now will use the left overs for the local Kindergarten movie night this Friday to make it special for the preschoolers and their school age brother and sisters. So you can see these glow sticks are great for all ages.

Julie from Dunedin
We used your glowsticks as a fund-raiser at our Matariki event - the children at two local primary schools and Playcentres walked with their home-made lanterns and your glowsticks through the village - it looked great! We sold every glowstick available and could have sold more - the children love them. They lasted well into the next day and we used them as a safety feature on the walk home in the dark.

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