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UV Fluro Poster Paint 250ml

Do you need a high quality UV face and body paint for your upcoming event?!

This is the product you need! Bright, long lasting colours which are safe for children and adults alike, their colour shines on it's own during the day but in dark with UV is actually Glows!

Note: Because these water-based paints are created to be safe for children and adults they aren't made with the preservatives which keep the water from evaporating. This can mean the water evaporates from your paint and dries out, if this happens you can bring your paint back to the consistency you need by adding small amounts of warm water and leaving it to absorb.

This product will work perfectly with our UV lights (check out our UV light range) - which will make the paint glow brightly. Please note do they need the UV lights to fluorosce/glow in the dark.

If you want to paint on fabric check out our  UV Textile Ink! FAS Face and Body paint is New Zealand Manufactured, Operated and Manufactured.

Note: Gold, Silver and Black are Not Fluro, so they will NOT glow under UV Light. They are regular, water based face / body paints. Not for children under 3 years of age.

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