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6 PACK - Glow Straw

The hottest party accessory, the glow straw! How to be seen with your glass of favourite drink at home, at events and at clubs.

These glow straws have a glow stick inside them that moves up and down the straw when you suck through them. Looks very cool in dark setting and gives your drink in the glass some light too!

Technical Glow Straws Specs:

  • Each pack comes with Six (6) straws with glow sticks included inside them 
  • Each purchase comes with Five (5) colours (blue, red, yellow, green, pink) 
  • These are non toxic and safe to use - however we recommend washing them before use. 

How to Use:

  • Pull the straws out of the packets 
  • Wash them before use, preferably with cold water so as to avoid damaging the glow sticks. 
  • Gently bend the glowstick inside the straw to break the glass vials inside and start the glow reaction. - be careful not to break the straw when doing this.
  • Give the straw a good shake and if necessary give it a few hard taps against a hard surface to mix the glow stick materials well and help the glow reaction to be bright.
  • Insert into your glass or bottle and have fun!

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