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EL Wire Inverter

Got the EL wire and now you need the Power?!

If you are wanting to useEL Wire on the go, such as on a costume or in a situation where connecting up a 12V power supply is not easy/feasible, these small Inverters are the perfect solution. The inverter comes with a connector designed to plug straight into ourEL Wire.

  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • 4 modes: Always-On, Slow Flash, Fast Flash, Off
  • Has a clip at the back to easily attach to your belt or can be kept in your pocket
  • Simple 'clicker' button makes the device really easy to operate.
  • Plugs straight into our range of EL Wire via a generic harness
  • Can be used to power multiple pieces of EL wire by purchasing one of our three way splitters.

  • Please note - there is a quiet high pitched 'power' noise when turned on. 

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