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EL Wire - (1,2,3 or 5mtr)

Whether you are looking to make a Glow sign, light up your cars dashboard or make the most epic costumes ever seen! 

EL Wire is one of our most popular products.

Our EL wire comes in a wide variety of colours and lengths and we always have plenty in stock.This is a super flexible, high quality, bright wire that has endless creative applications!

What is it?! EL Wire is like a long flexible Glowstick that is powered by batteries, through an 'Inverter'.The inverter is a separate product (get onehere),  you can also purchase a splitter which will allow you to run up to 3 EL wire lengths from one inverter! We recommend limiting that to two if you are using 5mtr EL wire lengths. The inverter has multiple modes like always-on, slow flash, fast flash and off.

So you need:

- EL Wire

- Power source - inverters

- Splitter if you want to run more than one wire off one power source.

Size: The diameter of this EL wire is 2.3mm.

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