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EL Tail Wire (2m)

Are you wanting to light up your car or desktop computer?!

EL Tail Wire great to light up your cars dashboard, highlight round lights or make your Desktop PC look even better for your next LAN! EL Tail Wire are an awesome product.

What is it?! EL Tail Wire is like a long flat flexible Glowstick that is powered by batteries with an additional plastic fitting strip, through an 'inverter'.

This EL Wire is specifically designed to go with vehicles, PC's and other objects with an additional plastic strip which allows you to push it into creases such as between car headlights and the bodywork. You attach using the plastic strip and that holds the EL Wire in place with a professional finish.

Our EL Tail Wire come in a variety of colours and we have inverters available which power the device from two AA Batteries or you can purchase a 12v inverter which can be hardwired into your vehicle battery (we advise seeking professional assistance for this).The inverter is a separate product and you will typically need one inverter for each piece of EL wire strip you want to power. The inverter has multiple modes like always-on, slow flash, fast flash and off.


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