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12V Inverter for EL Wire

Do you need to power our EL Wire from your car or computer?!

Our 12V Inverters are powerful little beasts! They can power up to 15m of EL Wire from a 12V source, such as your car, motorcycle, or inside your PC, rather than requiring 2 AA batteries. Another bonus about this inverter is it's a potted brick, so its quieter than the 'open' inverters with a switch.

This makes them perfect for long-term / fixed installations as you can just plug in and leave. It's also good for portable projects where you want to have a big battery pack like a 8xAA holder which will last 4-5 times longer than just 2xAA's. It is also more powerful, and can drive three times as much EL as the 2xAA inverter!

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