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Glowstick (Individually Wrapped)

Do you need a reliable, super bright, long-life 6" Glowstick?!
These Glowsticks are excellent for re-sale, fundraising, emergency kits or even gift bags! Buy whatever quantity suits your needs - Only buy 1 or buy in bulk  (see the bulk discounts!). You can specify your colour or choose to purchase assorted colours for hours of fun.
These super bright 6" Glowsticks come packaged in individual foil wraps to increase their 'best before' life. The handy lanyard that comes with each Survival Glowstick allows it to be hung around the neck, or other objects, so versatile! Our products will go the distance! Excellent for fundraising, celebrations or sales.
Size: 150mm Long, 15mm diameter
Packaging: Individually packaged in a foil wrapper w/Lanyard
Glow Duration: 8+ Hours at High Intensity. Shelf Life: 18  months
Safety: Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable

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