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100 PACK - Assorted Glow Bracelets

This is by far our most popular product, the super low price and ease of sale make them unbeatable!The best value, high quality 5mm Glow Bracelets!

Quantity: 100 Assorted Colour 5mm Glow Bracelets, 100 connectors and two ball connectors included per tube! The connectors allow you to make bracelets or join the bracelets together to create necklaces or even Glow Balls!

We love working with NZ schools and they love these Glow Bracelets! Selling glow sticks at a school disco is a great way to raise funds. Generally you can sell these for $1 each, which is over 500% profit.

Life: 5mm Glow Bracelets typically glow for around 2-4hrs at full intensity, glowing for around 8-12 hours in total. Each pack contains various amounts of the following 5 colours (one colour per stick):Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange.

Note: These are priced for multiples of 100, so if you buy 2, we will send you 200, or if you buy 8, we will send you 800.

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