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UV Fabric Screen Textile Ink (250ml)

UV Fabric Screen Textile Ink (250ml)

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Screen printing onto Fabrics?

FAS 'Fastex' UV Screen / Textile Inks are perfect for screen printing or painting beautiful images onto fabrics or canvas.

*This paint is not recommended for use as face / body paint.

Please note: For some colours we are currently sending out either 1-375ml containers or 2- 120ml. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are looking to simply paint onto fabrics or canvas (not screen print), we recommend our UV Acrylic PaintPaint will glow only when used with ultra violet lights - see our range of ultraviolet lights - bulbs, torches and finger lights!

This is high quality FAS paint. FAS is New Zealand Owned, Operated and Manufactured.

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