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100 PACK - Ultra Violet Finger Light

Do you need an Ultra Portable Ultra Violet light to make the most of your UV creativity?!

Check out our Ultra Violet Finger Lights, perfect for adding a portable UV light to your costume when you need your UV light to travel with you! Our UV Finger lights have little rubber rings so you can wear as many as you like on your fingers or attach them to your costume or creation!

UV Finger Lights produce Ultra Violet Light, which to the human eye appears dark purple - however this enables fluro objects such as white t-shirts, teeth and our range of UV/Fluorescent body, make up and fabric paint to Glow!

Due to packaging, these are priced for multiples of 100, ie if you buy 1, you get 100, if you buy 4, you get 400 individual finger lights.

Looking for a larger source of UV Light? Checkout our awesome UV Torches or Light Bulbswhich will simply plug into your existing light fittings and produce a large amount of UV Light

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