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Lycra Stretch Suit
Lycra Stretch Suit
Lycra Stretch Suit

Lycra Stretch Suit

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Lycra Stretch Suit with an envelope top!

You know that feeling of relaxation when someone you trust gives you a firm hug?! Well some of our kids need that more than we do but they don't always like hugs!

Our NZ sourced and made Lycra Stretch Suits have a flexible design that lets the child use it however they want - they can use it like a sleeping bag, stretch like a starfish or put their head and arms inside and stretch to their hearts content!

Start building your child's Sensory toolkit now!

Sizing: Your child should be at least 15cm shorter than the length of the suit so they get a good stretch.

Small - typically under 5 - 60cm length

Medium - typically 5 - 8/9 - 75cm length

Large - typically 8/9-late teens - 100cm length

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