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Glow in the Dark - Face and Body Paint Neon (10ml)

Glow in the Dark - Face and Body Paint Neon (10ml)

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High Quality Glow In the Dark Face and Body Paint will glow without the use of UV Lights.
UK Made Paint Glow - Glow In the Dark Face Paint is cosmetic grade glow in the dark paint designed specifically for use on Face and Body.

This glow in the dark paint works by charging itself from the sun during daytime and then naturally glowing by itself at night. It does not need UV lights to work which is what makes it great for situations where you have no UV Lights.
However, this paint will glow very brightly in the presence of UV light, where it will react very similarly to UV Paint.

How to Use:
1. Put paint in the sun or in front of a light that emits UV to charge it up - make sure this is done for at least 8 hours but it will work with less time too. Ideally if possible it is best to apply the paint to the surface you want to use at night and put this in the sun/UV light to get maximum possible charge.
2. When it gets dark the paint will start to glow!
3. To remove wash with warm soapy water, using scrubbers as necessary.