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50 PACK - 6" Glow sticks w/Lanyard .90c each!

50 PACK - 6" Glow sticks w/Lanyard .90c each!

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The 6" Glow stick

Assorted Bulk Wrapped 6" Glowsticks. Each box of 50 contains 7 Pink,Blue,Orange,Yellow,Red,Purple and 8 Green.

Complete with a Lanyard, these are perfect if you need a brighter, longer lasting glow. Excellent for fundraising, celebrations or sales in which the customer will be using the product right away. 

These are priced in quantities of 50 due to packaging, ie, if you purchase 1 - we will send you 50. If you purchase 4 - we will send you 200 6" Glowsticks! 

Size: 150mm Long, 15mm diameter
Packaging: Bulk Wrapped, 50pcs/Box
Glow Duration: 8+ Hours at High Intensity
Safety: Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable

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