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15cm Survival Glow Stick

15cm Survival Glow Stick

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The 6" Glow stick
Complete with a Lanyard, these are perfect if you need a brighter, longer lasting glow. Excellent for use in Survival Kits.
Our product is of high quality, and for this reason our current customers include: Survive-It, After Shake, Prepare and the IRD (for use in their survival kits).

These come packaged in individual foil bags to increase shelf life to around 18 months. Also contains a lanyard (string) so that it can be hung around the neck, or other objects.

Size: 150mm Long, 15mm diameter
Packaging: Individually packaged in a foil wrapper w/Lanyard
Glow Duration: 8+ Hours at High Intensity
Safety: Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable

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